01 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I rang in the new year with an old friend and some new friends here in DC. As usual I left my plans to the last minute, but everything turned out great and I even acquired a paper top hat to wear and had champagne to toast to the new year.

I've always been a believer of you should try to do things on January 1st that you want to do all year, so today I:

Partied with fun and positive people
Ran 2+0+1+2 (5) miles
Cooked dinner 

I also am a sucker for traditional meals so the dinner I prepared included the same foods my Mom prepared for us every year growing up:

Pork The custom of eating pork on New Year's is based on the idea that pigs symbolize progress. The animal pushes forward, rooting itself in the ground before moving.

Sauerkraut - Sauerkraut represents wealth and eating it on New Year's day is a German tradition. People wish each other as much wealth and goodness as their is shreds of cabbage in the pot. 

Mashed potatoes - I don't think there is any greater meaning to the potatoes other than they taste yummy with sauerkraut.

I think I made some new year's resolutions last year, but I'm not sure where I wrote them down. So I'm not sure if I achieved any of them. This year I'm posting some of them here to try to keep me honest.

  1. Refrain from using the snooze button- This actually should be easy for me as the snooze button on my alarm clock doesn't work, but lately I got in a bad habit of getting out of bed, reseting the alarm time, and getting back in to bed. No more of this. I also was thinking about getting a new alarm clock with a working snooze button, but who needs a stinking snooze button? not me.
  2. Run at least 6 races- I'm trying to enjoy running more and I find I do best with a goal. I'm not talking any long races, but I hope to try a variety of races. I've already signed up for two, the Love the Run you're with 5K in Arlington on February 12 and St Patricks 8K in DC on March 11. This is my first 8K so automatic PR!
  3. Track what I eat & when I work out- I joined the free website Sparkpeople and just want to become more knowledgeable about the calories going in and out of my body.
  4. Knit something new- I tend to get in a rut and knit a lot of the same things. Luckily my aunt gave me a dog pattern, I just need to get size 2 needles and I'm off.
  5. Travel somewhere new- I tend to think about going places a lot more often then I actually go somewhere, I need to flip and reverse this.
  6. Be friendlier to strangers- This is one I tried to work on last year and I made good progress for awhile. I think I'm friendly when someone asks me for directions or for help, but too often when someone cuts me in line at whole foods, blocks the cross walk with their car, or bumps me in a bar I don't always react in the best way possible. If anyone has coping suggestions please let me know.
Ok that is all I can think of for now, but I may add to the list as time passes. What are your new year resolutions?


  1. Great resolutions! I've been thinking about mine and got on a roll of reading other bloggers resolutions. I was sitting around earlier today thinking about skipping my run today then I read your fb post and went out for a 12 mile run. Thanks!

  2. Those sound like good, fun and atainable goals. I made a new one for myself: run a 5k in everything that is considered a town in Johnson County, so some of these 5ks will be mapped by mapmyrun.com and only ran by myself. That is either 8 or 9 5ks, depending on if I include Whiteman AFB or not.

  3. Kristen- I'm impressed! Glad I could give some inspiration. Beth- Great idea, I think I'm going to start tracking where I've raced and see how many states I can get.

  4. my resolution is to volunteer more. MOM

  5. Great resolutions. I'm hosting a weekly link-up this year to keep track of how the resolutions are going if you're interested!

  6. These are great resolutions! I'm trying to do more weight training, eating less take-out/being less lazy about dinner, watching less reality tv and limiting my shopping habit.

    The St. Patrick's 8k is a great race, I did it several years ago and its really fun. The Rock and Roll Half Marathon is supposed to be awesome if you want something longer!

  7. Beth - that idea is fabulous.

    My resolutions are fairly simple and one is stolen from the brother: Floss everyday. 50 pushups a day. Not all in a row, but throughout the day. Mainly in my office. Which I think is probably a funny sight to see.


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