20 January 2012

True Grit Adventure Week 1 & 2

At some point when I was living in NYC I came across LifeLabs. I think they might of been mentioned in New York Magazine for something. So for the past year or so I've been receiving emails about their up coming classes. One class they offer is the True Grit Adventure. As described on the website: 

Become braver, more alive, more alluring, more mischievous. Add some grit and
adventure. Observe your friends & neighbors...(hm? Intrigued?)

For the next 8 Mondays you will receive, via postal mail, a little letter that gives you a secret 
mission. Complete the mission and a new layer gets added to your personality.

The missions are playful and fun, yet scientifically proven to make an impact. You will be noticing
new things, walking differently, designing small surprises for your friends and family, and stirring 
up new talents and habits:  An 8-week personality remix.

Upon sign up, you will receive your first mission via postal mail
within 10 days (yes, an old-school letter), and then another mission each week.

So after reading about this several times I decided to sign up. To be honest, after two weeks I am not impressed. These are not the type of challenges I expected. Hopefully the next 6 weeks are more exciting. To make it more exciting I'm letting you guys follow along.

Week 1: Become a professional shadow noticer

Basically look at shadows. The adventure includes three tasks.

1. Once a day evaluate the shadows around you (I did this a few times, maybe 4 days)
2. Point out a shadow to someone (I pointed one out to Matt!)
3. Trace a shadow with chalk and watch how it changes (Fail)

Week 2:  Become an eyebrow expert

The three tasks.

1. Pick one person each day to track, see if what they say matches what their eyebrows are saying.
2. Watch TV without sound, create your own dialogue using eyebrow cues.
3. Once per day spot an "eyebrow flash" An eyebrow flash is a short raising of they eyebrows to signal "hullo" it happens when two acquaintances meet for the first time that day. It also happens when people want to signal that they are done talking and it is your turn to talk.

I received the second task yesterday and I must admit I didn't do any of the tasks... better luck tomorrow.

What do you think? Do you notice shadows? Are you ever confused when eyebrows are telling you the opposite of what someone is saying? What do you think about the eyebrow flash?


  1. The build up did sound way more amazing than these first two tasks. I don't think my eyebrows say much other than perhaps they need a professional tweeze. Maybe you should build your own adventure.

  2. Getting the old school letter would've hooked me too, but the adventures seem like something for the Nancy Drew set.

  3. That all sounds really interesting! I'm excited to keep reading more about the challenges.


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