24 January 2012

Grown up things

On Sunday I made some purchases that I have really been putting off.

1. I bought my first ironing board on Sunday. In college I had a handy board I could iron on that my Mom had made me from a fabric bolt, but I lost it in one of my many moves. For the past 5 years or so I've been throwing a towel down on a table or floor and ironing away (but lets get real I rarely ironed). With my new washer & dryer in one I tend to have more wrinkles in my clean clothes, but I'm not complaining as having my own washer/dryer in my apartment has been a blessing (yes I feel that strongly about it). So anyway I finally bought one, I went all out and spent $15 at Target and then I took it home on the bus (I was not going to spend money on a Zipcar or Taxi for a $15 purchase). The bus was kind of crowded, but luckily ironing boards are skinnier than 90% of the US population. Even so I got a few groans and a kind older lady exclaimed that I was holding the first ironing  board she had ever seen on the bus... she had seen blinds and bookcases, but the first ironing board.

Getting my crease on

2. I replaced my ailing alarm clock that I received as a high school graduation gift from my assistant basketball coach Travis Fleming. I loved it as it was small and pretty and it played bells instead of waking me up with a harsh buzzer. But the sleep button broke (which I no longer need) and then recently every morning when I turned the alarm off it would start blinking like it had a power outage.

So I knew I wanted a clock that offered more than just a buzzer. After finding a less than stellar selection at Target (seriously does ever clock need a iPhone hookup?) I headed to Best Buy where I found a gem from Sony. This clock is also a radio! I haven't had a radio for a few years. I had a boombox radio, but since I wasn't able to get reception in NYC and there weren't any country stations I got rid of it. The clock also has five nature sound choices for listening or waking up to. I chose the beach. For the past two mornings I've woke up wondering who let the seagulls into my apartment, but overall I'm satisfied with my purchase.

beach? birds? rain? underwater? wind?

3. Ok so my third purchase wasn't actually over due. I've started hitting up some YMCA classes at 5:45 and 6 pm. While I have run home changed and run to the gym, but I was literally running to the gym, so I've started taking my gym gear to work on the days I know it will be tight. I have a ton of bags, but none felt right for a gym bag. Most of them are tote bags with no top closure or backpacks or huge. So Sunday I checked out Modells sad collection, went to a store called "Sports Zone" that sold street clothes, made sure Target didn't have anything, and went to a running store (why would runners need a bag?). I had done some online research and hadn't seen anything too spectacular so when I went in to Lululemon I wasn't expecting to find anything (I had looked online and didn't like their selection). Just as I was giving up and walking out (or running out... why do they have to be so perky and curious if I need help?) I spotted a great looking bag at the cash register. The clerk was messing with them so I asked if the were for sale and if I could look at one, she said yes and that it was on sale! Perfect, a nice bag for half price. Now that I've loaded up it seems big, but my other bags seemed too small... oh well, I still like it.

right tools for the right workout
That was a bit longer of a post than I planned, but I guess I'm pretty excited about my purchases. Have you been putting off any purchases? or bought anything recently you are super excited about?


  1. That gym bag is so cute! And I HATE ironing. I'm a big fan of the downy wrinkle spray and of steamers. haha

  2. your tablecloth = same fabric as my throw pillows!! let me know if you want to hit up tortilla coast or somewhere else in the neighborhood soon!

  3. The clerks at Lululemon are high on yoga. It looks like a great bag.

    1. At one point a clerk started at me from across the store screaming "look at THOSE boots"


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