21 January 2012

Winter showed up

Overnight we got a layer of not quite snow, more like ice. While I was happy to see the white stuff, I wasn't too excited to have to play football in it. But first at noon today I had my free personal training session at my gym. He sweet talked me by calling me a "country girl who knows her sports" and I signed up for 8 sessions, once a week. If I'm not a total badass athlete after 8 weeks, he's gone. A little after one I headed uptown (can I use that reference in DC?).

Before the session while sitting on my couch in my warm apartment I volunteered to referee the game before ours because another girl wimped out. I should of wimped out too. By the time my ref duties were complete, I could not feel my feet, but it was game time so I threw on another pair of socks and changed in to my cleats. We won big (like 26 to zip), but I never got the feeling back in my feet and the football felt like it was filled with concrete (don't worry my feet seem to be working now).


Tough Zogs competitors
I had a commenter ask the other day what "Zogs" means. Its named after the founder Rob Herzog. Rob started the league after surviving 9/11. He worked in one of the towers, but was running late for work that day. After reflecting on his life he decided that playing COED sports was what was right with his life and decided to start a new league that also included a charity aspect.


  1. Two games in the snow with no feeling in the feet? You are already a total badass!

  2. Wow, the Zogs story is much more interesting than I thought it would be.

  3. You are such a trooper for being out in that cold weather on Saturday! I did a charity bake sale last Saturday and couldn't feel my feet for hours. Hope the rest of your weekend was warm and cozy!


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