09 January 2012

Playing football with the Obamas

 I joined a winter Zogs team here in DC and Saturday was our first game. The weather felt more like spring league, but I wasn't complaining. I'm still feeling out the quarterback, but after getting some clutch catches in the second half, I think our relationship is going to work.

All of our games are on the Sidwell Friend's School Football Field... you know where the Obama children go to school. I must say it is a nice field.

I'm not sure what happened with this picture. I took it with my phone, which has a horribly slow and annoying camera. So it probably snapped after I thought I was done.

One of my teammates snapped a few pictures that came out a little better

I'm second in lime green from the left
Now on defense 

Oh in case you were wondering, we lost, but it was close so I think we'll have a good season.


  1. Did you have to have references from your old team to get on this one? Or did they just believe in your awesome football abilities?

  2. I thought about submitting them even though they weren't requested, so I could hit the ground running. Instead I just made a diving catch... let my moves speak for me.


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