29 January 2012

Occupy DC banned from camping

By Monday morning Occupy DC is to be clear of McPherson Square. McPherson Square is maintained by the National Parks Service and always has a ban on camping, the ban just hasn't been enforced for the past four months. When I walked by today they were holding a meeting and none of the tents had been moved. I'm curious to see what goes down tomorrow.


  1. I don't really understand why they let them get away with it for 4 months in the first place. Does the parks service ever ignore the rules for other groups? Might be fun to see what does go down.

  2. I heard it is just a ban on camping, not on 24 hour protests and under the current rules, tents are allowed as long as they are not packed with bedding and living supplies. So you might not see much of a change tomorrow.

    1. I know.. thats why I titled it "banned from camping" not banned from everything, but I really wish they would clean up a little. I didn't walk by today.


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