07 January 2012

Meridian Hill Park

The weather was absolutely beautiful in DC this morning, then it got a bit cloudy, but it was still rather warm all day. After playing touch football. I grabbed some food and headed up to Meridian Hill Park. Its a little less than a mile from my apartment and a lot of people were hanging out. There was also a huge capture the flag game going on. About 30 twenty somethings worked for about an hour to get the flag, the red team won. 

I found a nice tree to shimmy up to and read some more of the Happiness Project.

After awhile January decided it wasn't over and it cooled down, so I headed home before checking out the entire park.

From what I could tell, that the summer will bring some amazing fountains to this park.


  1. I got the Happiness Project for Christmas but I haven't had time to read it yet. How dyo you like it so far?

  2. Wow this park looks awesome, I've never been but it sure looks nice for spring!


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