18 January 2012

Matt turns 30

My good friend Matt (from grad school) recently turned 30, to celebrate the big day we celebrated big time. First stop was the Austin airport. There are more guitar cases per air traveler in the Austin airport than anywhere else (I just made that stat up, but I'm sure it is true).

keep Austin weird

Within an hour of landing I had my first serving of queso. After a few more hours I had more queso and some tex-mex. A few of us celebrated Friday night at the Broken Spoke in Austin. A true hole in the wall dance hall. We all got a turn scooting around the dance floor with Matt and I earned $8 by asking a random cowboy to dance.

take me out to the dancehall

 The next morning we got up early and headed to the lake house on Lake LBJ that Matt had rented for the weekend. It was amazing. The weather was perfect on Saturday and we passed time playing croquet and gazing out across the lake.

The lakehouse
hipster prep
Birthday boy
Sunday morning my friend Kandyce was up early to take a beautiful picture of the sunrise. 

I slept in a little longer and then took a delightful 3.8 mile run around the neighborhood (they don't call it hill country for nothing).

It was a bit colder on Sunday but we were still able to play a rousing game of Bocce ball.

follow through
I flew back on Monday and due to a fluke I had an extremely long layover in Kansas City, luckily I know some people around there. My sister and niece came and picked me up at the airport. We met with my aunt Betty, mom, and other sister for a nice Indian lunch and some shopping and coffee. By 6 pm I was back at the airport and I made it back to DC by 10:30. Sometimes its nice to suck every minute possible out of a weekend.

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  1. the lake house looks beautiful! i would love to have a long relaxing weekend there.



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