30 December 2011

The life cycle of a Snowmen Christmas Card

Every year I like to do a handmade Christmas card (2010 & 2009) this year I decided on cross stitch snowman. I knew they would take time, but they took a bit more time than I expected...

First the top hats, heads and bodies

Next the scarves

Outlines and buttons

Cut out and fray edges

Clean up the backside

Clean up ALL the backsides

Attach ribbon with three additional cross stitches

Sew to card

Finish with flare


  1. It was worth it! Cleaning up the backside, weaving in the edges or whatever the finishing part is to the craft is always the worst.

  2. It's like a Christmas card sweat shop in your apartment.

  3. Is that a vintage Christmas tablecloth in your photo's? MOM

  4. Yes Mom, you gave it to me last year!


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