12 December 2011


Sunday night I attended my second blogger meetup. This one was also organized by {av} of Long Distance Loving as part of her blog tour blogger blitz. She originally emailed me about blogger blitz NYC so I surprised her by signing up for the DC round. These blogger meetups are like a online date, you've already checked out their profile (blog), seen a picture of them, and know that they like sequins, but unlike with dating you are guaranteed to have a good time.

I had a great time and met some great ladies, even one who lives less than a block from me. The two hours flew by and as I was signing my check some guys at the bar asked me what was going on.

guy: so what are you ladies

me: bloggers

guy: what do you blog about

me: all sorts of things, lifestyle, fashion, food, you know

guy: do you do video blogs?

(I haven't been asked this before)

me: uh, I don't, I guess some of them might

bartender: where are you from?

me: Missouri

bartender: what part?

me: south of Kansas City

bartender: I was born at Whiteman

me: no way! thats awesome! I'm from south of Warrensburg!

(I always get way too excited about Missourians (unless they are from St. Louis then I'm regular excited))

guy: the waitresses said the bloggers aren't drinking, why don't bloggers drink?

me: um I had some wine... I don't know, some have a long way to drive home

Anyway we got lovely name tags (see below) and lovely blog directories.

I knew there would be fancy blogger cameras there so I didn't dare take my point and shoot camera or pull out my palm to take pictures.  Head over to my new blog friends' blogs to see some pictures of the gathering.

and Kelly from Washington Prep (no pictures but a great eggnogg cake)


  1. Haha! that bartender story cracks me up! Video blogs? What an interesting question! Looking forward to tortilla coast after the holidays!

  2. oh my, your conversation with the bartender was hilarious! and yes, my waitress was a bit pissy that the group wasn't drinking/ordering more. for the record, I drank too.

  3. I was never asked if I wanted a drink, but I was one of those drivers (with a cold) so I probably wouldn't have gotten more than one anyway. So great meeting you again!


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