15 December 2011

Magic bars & Supermarket meltdowns

My sister posted her favorite cookie recipe on her blog the other day and since I had my first holiday party at my new job (old job party = renting out an entire restaurant, unlimited food, unlimited drinks, DJ, and dancing. new job party = lunch in conference room, a few decorations and everyone brought in pop and desserts) and I knew I had to bring in a stellar dessert so I decided to try making them myself.

But my lifelong (read going on 5 year) problem of city living grocery shopping reared its ugly head again. The recipe called for butterscotch chips, but Whole Foods, Safeway*, and last ditch effort CVS only had chocolate chips, lots and lots of different types of chocolate chips. Luckily Kristen suggested substituting caramel. Only she didn't say how and when I called she didn't answer (I think it was during the Chiefs game). So I bought some caramels and improvised. 

Caramels ready to melt

Pounding graham crackers is therapeutic 
Chopping nuts also very therapeutic

I really need an 8 x 13 pan,
They were a success! There were a lot of desserts and mine were gone first (or maybe second or third, who is counting?). 

*Side story-
While I was in Safeway looking for butterscotch chips a lady came over to the baking section, freaking out about there being no 1 lb bags of wheat flour. Now correct me if I am wrong, but flour generally comes in 5 lb bags. She was complaining to a guy working at the store and seemed to be getting so upset I had to chip in...

Me: Well it stays good for awhile at least.

Freakout flour lady: But thing is it DOESN'T

Safeway man: Well looks like we have self rising flour in the 1 lb.

Freakout flour lady: That's not the same thing, ugh, I want to make cookies, I only want to make one batch of cookies, you don't want me getting fat do you??

Me: You could make bread or pizza dough 

Safeway man: Well I'm sorry mam I'll ask about adding 1 lb bags to our stock.

Freakout flour lady: Yes you should, your customers live in the city and carry their groceries and doesn't have a big family and can't handle a 5 lb bag of flour.

Safeway man: Sorry mam (and walks away)

Freakout flour lady picks up the flour, puts it down, huffs and puffs and walks in circles


  1. Your flour supermarket lady couldn't relate to me. I bought 20 pounds of flour the last time I went to the grocery store. Made over 200 rolls for a church dinner. I relate to your frustration in not finding some things I want unless I go to Liberty or St. Joe.

  2. Here we actually have carmel chips, just saying. Glad your cookies went over well and that our tax dollars don't go to throwing you lavish parties.

  3. Pop was the only drink served at my two work parties, doesn't really seem like a Christmasy drink to me. I think the supermarket hissy fit would have made much more sense on your side, I mean no butterscotch chips. I made poppy seed bread for one event and sugar cinnamon crackers for another.


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