28 August 2011

(un)Official LIC storm report

The wind and rain picked up as it got darker out, but I went to bed around midnight.  Then around 5 am Irene woke me up.  The wind and rain were pretty loud so I quickly checked Twitter to see what was up.  No big news so I rolled back over.  I was surprised to be woken up by sunshine this morning around 9am.  The sunshine was short lived but the storm was essentially over.

I stayed inside a few more hours per the Mayor, but by one I had to get out.  Armed with my camera, phone, and some cash I took a walk around the hood.  Not much to see.  There was one window out in one of the high rises under construction and I saw one tree down, but it looked half dead.

More disturbing is the fact that the subways are still down and almost all the stores and restaurants were closed.  Sweetleaf was open so I bought a latte just because I could, but now I'm back in my apartment and the city is unsure the subways will be up and running for tomorrow.  I wish Irene had ruined the workweek instead of the weekend.

Sweetleaf still boarded up, but open

Stormy skies over Manhattan


  1. funny how you went to twitter for your news

  2. I like how they get to the point on Twitter... and I follow the mayor and NBCNews so it wasn't just random people...


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