07 August 2011

PS 1 Warm up

After two years and three summers in LIC I finally made it to PS 1 Warm Up this past Saturday.  One of my work friends who has been a lot was going with her finance and some other friends.  I was excited when I got the email, but was heading out the door on my bike to hit up the Socrates Sculpture Park greenmarket.  I figured since I know have toe clips, I could make it there and back in no time!  It pretty much went that way even with battling the wind and people parking in the bike lane (people, don't park in bike lanes!).

I quickly showered and walked the few blocks over to the PS 1 museum.  In order to keep the community happy with the influx of hipsters every Saturday, LIC residents get in free!  Not only did I get in free, I got to cut the line that was wrapping around the block, double score.  The PS 1 hosts DJs in their courtyard every Saturday during the summer months.  Each year groups compete to decorate (I guess they are called art installations) in a functional way (keep it cool and entertaining).  They also sell beer and food.  With admission to the dance party you also get admission to the museum.  My friends were half way through the museum when I got there so I didn't see the whole thing, but the current installation is eh, interesting.  It was all artwork of this one lady, who mostly took pictures and videos of herself.  Not the best stuff I've seen at PS 1.

The DJ's were playing Techno while we were there (my friend explained to me that this is different from house music and electronica).  It had a nice beat and I was able to bop around with the rest of them.  Best of all was the people watching... amazing outfits, hairstyles, and attitudes.

Courtyard from inside the museum (5 Pointz in the background)

In the courtyard, the trees will be donated to the neighborhood after the summer

View from the dance floor


  1. Looks fun, but you always know it'll be a good time if you have an influx of hipsters.

  2. How Fun! Glad you got toe clips.

  3. Looks like fun! I still haven't made it to a Warm Up but I really need to!


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