02 August 2011

Live at the Gantries

I made it to my first Live at the Gantries concert tonight.  They have fun Tuesday night concerts all summer long.  Tonight it was Gamelan Orchestra- Yowana Sari.  The Orchestra was made up of Queens College students and some native Balinese people from the community.  Yowana Sari is a Balinese orchestra.  It was pretty cool they explained all the instruments.  It sounded a bit like a bunch of chimes and flutes and gongs playing all at once.

Warming up

Kids dancing

In concert garb

I got home from work early today so before the concert I took a walk around the neighborhood.  I found some artist in action at 5Pointz.  They were working on a bright, pretty, aztec looking piece.  It looked pretty awesome (some of the art is creepy and gross) so I'm definitely going to swing by and see the finished mural.


  1. That wall art looks very interesting.

  2. 5Pointz is on my list to check out before the end of the summer. It looks so amazing!

  3. That wall looks pretty neat. Do they paint it differently every year?


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