26 August 2011


My first real hurricane... not real excited.  As channel 7 just said, "she's putting the motion in the ocean".  I was spreading the news at work today about "knowing your zone" and preparing evacuation kits and filling bathtubs (I guess I'll fill my sink, I don't have a bathtub).  I dug out my flashlights and stopped by the grocery store tonight.  What are people buying in NYC?  Water, bread, peanut butter, chips, and beer seemed to be the top sellers.  The craziest thing yet is that MTA is shutting down Saturday at noon.  I'm in zone B, which means I'm not being evacuated, but only a few blocks away from zone A, which was told to move to higher ground.  The building I was living in last year at this time is being evacuated and they are warning people above the 10th floor to move down.  

Anyway the weather was pretty lovely today and I have several magazines and knitting to keep me occupied.  

And something that makes me happy everyday on my way home...  When entering the subway and you swipe your metro card it may tell you one of four or so things.  1) Please swipe again 2) Please swipe again at this turnstile 3) Insufficient fare or 4) Go  Well the middle turnstile at the northwest corner of 41st and 7th ave tells you...

Makes me smile every time.

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