23 August 2011

Socrates Sculptures Summer 2010

A week or so ago I biked over to the Socrates Sculpture park to check out the new installations and the farmers' market.  As usual there were some great pieces and some uh interesting pieces.  The market was small, but I found some veggies to take home.

I thought this was pretty

neighboring building

house chimes

Hallet's Cove

not sure what this is trying to say about John Deere

to market to market to buy a fat pig

from outerspace


  1. I'm glad you were able to buy some farmers market veggies and not get overwhelmed.

  2. In our suburban lifestyle, we spend so much time trying to make the outdoors perfect we lose what is essentially the outdoors, thus tying us up and trapping us in a glass house where we want to throw stones, but we are too worried about what our neighbors will think, so we only throw them half-heartedly, only enough to crack, but not to break the glass. That is my take on the John Deere in the shed.


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