10 August 2011

Under the High Line

Last Wednesday I had a softball game scheduled, but there was rain in the forecast.  As game time approached I kept checking back on the website to find that the game was still on.  During my trip to the field the rain started coming down and right as we started the game the skies opened up and it began to POUR.  We were playing on turf and there wasn't any lighting so we kept playing.  I had to wring my hair out about 20 times, a bat slipped from one guys hands and flew about 50 ft, the umpire used an umbrella, and one girl on my team was wearing a full rain suit.... it was a lot of fun!  We ended up winning big and headed a few blocks up to the The Lot under the High Line.  The Lot is a temporary plaza with beer on tap and food trucks (oh and a rollerskating rink... but that was closed).  I had some delicious Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat Beer and tried Kimchi Tacos.  I got one pork and two beef tacos.  They were good, but a little spicy for complete enjoyment.

last bite

tables and trucks


  1. playing in the rain? must have been a warm rain. glad you had fun. MOM

  2. Rain is fun to play in after you get good and soaked. Good thing you had a place to go with food trucks, I bet a real restaurant wouldn't have let you in.


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