21 August 2011

Grow bottle

During lunch the other day I was reading O magazine in the Reading Room in Bryant park, one of Oprah's favorite things was a grow bottle from Potting Shed Creations and there was a discount code so I decided to order one.  They are recycled wine bottles turned into kits for growing herbs.  I ordered the basil one but the discount code was expired (darn old magazines in the reading room).  I still ordered it and finally received it two weeks ago.  The instructions were long and complicated so I let it sit a week, but last weekend I put it all together.  Much to my surprise they sprouted in 4 days!  The instructions included spraying them with water each day and keeping it covered with a bag until they were an inch tall.  So day I finally got to remove the bag and sit it in a warm and sunny place.


  1. Pretty, I don't think my cracker box basil is happening. I'll try covering it with a bag and spraying it but it may be to late.

  2. Nice. I've got some volunteer basil growing in a flower pot in front of my house. I must be an amazing gardner.


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