25 August 2011

On the side of the road

During one of my "training runs" I ran by some wooden boxes in a trash pile by the curb of a nearby restaurant.  They looked pretty cool so after I finished my two miles I circled back to investigate.  There were about six or so old crates and they were fairly clean and in good "rustic" shape.  So I grabbed two.  I would of taken two more, but they were kind of heavy and awkward.  I wiped them down and set them up in my living room.  One is holding old magazines I want to keep and the other has some of my yarn and knitting supplies.  I think they look great and complement my urban country decorating scheme.

with my knitting basket, which is made from recycled rubber


I've been hanging some more things on my walls lately....


  1. I like the boxes - surprised you didn't go back for the rest of them. Good to see what your apartment looks like. What is the story on your license plates?

  2. nice find, they look great and are useful. MOM

  3. The boxes are super nice, but I think I figured out the problem you've been having training, you are not suppose to be shopping at the same time.

  4. The license plates are from the two vehicles I've had in my life, the Missouri ones from my old Ranger RIP and the Texas ones from my brief affair with my Compass in TX.
    Beth- I would think the shopping would distract me while running so I would run faster and longer...

  5. Very nice, I like. Do you have high ceilings in your apartment?

  6. Yes, like 12 ft or so... the pictures make it look like I hung stuff way to high behind the couch...


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