15 August 2011

Under the stars

Every Friday this August the parks department is showing movies in Gantry State Park.  Last Friday was The Man Who Would Be King a 1975 film staring Sean Connery, Michael Caine, and Christopher Plummer.  I got free popcorn and the grass was crowded but not packed, very delightful, but somewhere between India and Kafiristan I decided I had enough.  Next week is the Lion King (can't wait!) (notice royalty theme).

movie under the stars & lights of Manhattan


  1. How is the picture quality? I'm was thinking of setting up an outdoor movie night in our backyard next year. I plan on a few less people attending but there will be popcorn.

  2. The picture quality was pretty good, except for some dark scenes (make sure you pick your movie with this in mind).


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