11 August 2011

Bike upgrades

Ever since I started taking spin classes where I strap my feet to the pedals, when I climbed on my road bike things just didn't feel right.  After a little internet research and talking to some friends I decided I wasn't ready for clip in shoes.  I went to my local bike shop where they hooked me up with some toe clips (and installed them! yea for shopping local).  I also picked up a bell, because NYC requires you to have one and last time I road there were a few people I wanted to ring/warn/scold.  I've only gone on a few short rides since I've gotten the new additions.  I haven't had trouble getting out of the toe clips, but still have trouble getting in.  

What's the trick?  

ring ring

i'm so fast now


  1. I'd like a bell to scold drivers when I run but they wouldn't hear it and if they did I wouldn't be able to run away fast enough.

  2. Shopping local is always the way to go.


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