27 July 2011


Does anyone else think of Berger every time you see a playing card on the sidewalk?
You know a la-

Berger: I collect found playing cards. They're all over the city.
Carrie: I never noticed.
Berger: You will now, that's the thing..... I'm hoping to get a full deck. Insert the obvious joke here.

Spotted Tuesday

Midtown was all about transformation this week.  Tuesday I took a walk to get my lunch and found sand volleyball in Times Square.

Thanks Jose Cuervo

Why are the ladies always wearing so much less clothing?

I continued walking over to Bryant Park and spied EA sports people turning the lawn into a football field, complete with yard marks and painted end zones.  Apparently to celebrate the release of the next Madden video game they had celebrities and famous retired NFL players play flag football there today.  Sadly I wasn't invited to play and had to work during the festivities.

They even brought in bleachers!

Then Tuesday night I headed up to Riverbank state park for a softball game.  The skies were clear when I boarded the 1 train in times square, but when I arrived at the park I saw this:

What is Jersey sending us?
Pair that with some lightening and needless to say our game was cancelled.  We barely made it to the subway when the skies opened up.

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  1. That last picture makes me think that the aliens are landing in Jersey. Maybe the producers of Cowboys and Aliens were changing the weather to promote their new movie.


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