10 July 2011

Digging for Union Gold

My dad recently bought a new piece of land with an exciting history.  The road we live on has been a road forever (like the native americans used it (wasn't paved then)).  So the story goes that during the civil war the union payroll was traveling through the area when word of an attack reached the soldiers.  To protect the payroll they buried it, but never returned to retrieve the gold.  Over the past 6 months we've been plotting the retrieval of gold.  Some stories mentioned an orchard so we started near the house.

We rented a metal detector for the day and had all the right tools (including the back hoe).

digging around the house

the backhoe at work

We did make some finds, but no gold.  What did we find?

Enamel bowl (most likely part of a union soldier's mess kit)
Pieces of two large enamel bowls
bottom of a kettle
square nails
branding iron with initials "MP" (military police??? haha)

some of our more fascinating finds


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