24 July 2011

Williamsburg by bus and ferry

My sister came to visit and one of the many fun & fabulous things we did was explore Williamsburg.  We jumped on the bus and headed across the Pulaski bridge.  We got off in Greenpoint to hit up the Fred Flare store, only to find it was closed and moving to a new location.

So we started to walk towards Williamsburg.  I had heard about the Peter Pan shop and always wanted to stop in, so I decided we needed a snack.  We shared a donut of some sort, it was delicious.



Once we made it to Williamsburg we shopped in the many boutiques along Bedford Avenue.  Until we were starving.  I was in the mood for Mexican so we looked up a place on our phones, Carino Restaurant and Cantina.  It turned out to be quite a walk away, but very good.

Sights along our walk

The great thing about walking all the way to south Williamsburg was we were near one of the stops on the new East River Ferry.  So we decided to take the Ferry back to LIC.

East River

The Ferry

Domino Sugar

Empire State Building

Approaching LIC

Once we arrived back to LIC we stopped in Gantry State Park for some piano playing and hanging out in hammocks.

Chilling in Gantry State Park


  1. It looks like you had a great view of the skyline on your ferry ride! I need to take that ride sometime.

  2. That pastry was delicious, the Chupacabra beer you finally led us to at the Mexican restaurant was pretty good too. Overall Williamsburg was a pretty tasty place.


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