11 July 2011

Unhappy 7-Eleven on 7/11/11

Today is the 11th of July or 7-11 the convenience store 7-Eleven's unofficial birthday.  The day of free Slurpees!  I looked for a 7-11 near work, but figured they would all be super crowded so I decided to walk to the one kind of near me.  I say kind of because its a mile away.  So I walk a mile in 87 degree muggy heat dreaming of a cherry slurpee.  I get close and see people walking out holding the coveted beverage in their hands.  But as I approach the machines I see with horror that "this store is not participating in free slurpee give away".  What!!!  What did I do?  Did I pay the $2.50 and get one anyway.  No!  I have rules.  Actually I was going to get one as I was hot and sweaty and needed power to walk back home, but the good flavors weren't ready so that gave me the strength to walk back without one.

The walk was worth it as I spotted this tape sign advertising for hipster speed dating on July 16th!  hahhahhaha.... not going, but intrigued

"Hipster Speed Dating"

UPDATE:  If you want to cash in tonight you can find participating locations here.  And if you are curious about the economic impact of a free slurpee read here.


  1. Haha I actually saw that sign the other day and my friends and I wanted to go just for kicks. Do you happen to know who is hosting it or how to get into it? Can't seem to find the name "Push Pops" on the sign, online.

  2. Not participating?! You showed them, not buying one, after all your trouble to get one I would of lost it.

  3. You are going to miss out on all those amazing hipster mustaches. Are you sure you don't want to go, you can wear your Toms.


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