03 July 2011

4 Years in New York City

Four years ago I flew to New York City with two big suitcases and a carry on (I think it was before the huge baggage fees).  My aunts picked me up at the airport and drove me to my first apartment on 79th street.  After several trips up the 6 floors they drove off and I unpacked and blew up my air mattress.  It wasn't for another month till my parents drove up with all of my worldly possessions on the back of my dad's pick up truck.  Those first few weeks I made sure I was home by dark and wandered around a lot.

Now 4 years, 3 apartments, 2 boroughs, and 1 job later (still on my first) I still wander around a lot, but the dark doesn't scare me...

after I signed my first lease

To celebrate my sister and I had brunch at Essex.  

Shopped in Soho and had coffee at the Grey Dog

and watched Bridesmaids (very funny)


  1. I'm glad you got over going out in the dark. It might be pretty rough for you otherwise. Brunch looks so good.

  2. Happy 4 on the 4th!


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