17 July 2011

National Ice Cream Day!

Today is National Ice Cream Day, which is part of National Ice Cream Month.  I like my ice cream, but for some reason didn't get any while I was out today.  I couldn't not celebrate so I went to my freezer to see what I had.  Luckily I had the last bit of some tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and broke a few cookies on top.  I just finished and am thrilled that I got to celebrate.  I found this article on ice cream factory tours.  I've been to both the ben & jerry's plant in Vermont and the Blue Bell plant in Texas, looks like I have a few more stops to make.


I also enjoyed this seltzer and cranberry juice today after playing soccer on one of the hottest days in the hottest part of the day on some of the hottest turf (I thought my shoes were melting).  Don't things taste better in jars?  I think so.


  1. I treated myself to 2 bowls to celebrate...ooops! haha

  2. I didn't get any today but since you say it's ice cream month I'll make up for it tomorrow.


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