01 July 2011

Happy 4th of July weekend!

I celebrated an early 4th of July once again this year at the Astoria Independence Day Celebration.  This year we found the Astoria Symphony and they were pretty good.  I love celebrating in Queens, because the fireworks are still HUGE but the crowd is much more manageable.  

My sister is visiting, so we are planning tons of exciting activities... think we may go see Joey Chestnut destroy some more hotdogs on the 4th, pool party in NJ on the 2nd, celebrating 4 years in NYC on the 3rd, and today we hit up Beyonce in Central Park (didn't get in) and toured Williamsburg.


eating 4th of July thai

 fire boat putting on a show


under the Triborough

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  1. No Beyonce? She must not of known you were there.


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