06 September 2011

Country Breakfast

My family headed to the K (Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City for those of you not in the know) on Sunday to celebrate my Uncle Dave's 65th birthday (Happy Birthday Uncle Dave!).  We took my aunts' RV up so we had to park in oversized parking all by ourselves.  After a little pre-game tailgating we headed into the game.  The Royals got down early and despite a strong effort in the ninth they loss (we are all blaming it on my Aunt Nancy not putting her rally cap on). 

tailgating all by ourselves

gorgeous fountains

beautiful but windy and chilly day at the ballpark

Gretchen couldn't keep her eyes off of Billy "Country Breakfast" Butler

the Kauffmans

Slugger on the carrousel 

Ode to George Brett

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  1. All I wanted to do when I saw the ode to George Brett was to touch one of those baseballs. Is there something wrong with me, whenever someone tells me not to touch something I immediatly want to touch it.


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