10 September 2011

Chilhowee 5K

Last Saturday I ran the Chilhowee Fair 5K for my third time with my fastest time ever.  Chilhowee is a tiny town where I went to school from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  I ended up winning second in my age/gender category (there were only 5 or 6) and 18th overall (out of like 48).  My cousin Whitney won first overall female and my sister Kristen got third overall female, but I did beat my other sister, two cousins, and my parents.

 I recently bought a GPS watch, mostly because I love maps and I was tired of trying to figure out how far I ran (or how long).  When I use it in NYC you can see popular paths of other runners and all the streets I could be running down.  I thought it was funny to see the route in Chilhowee... we basically ran the entire city (and a little bit out in to the country).

Also funny are my splits.  Mile 1 is pretty amazing for me... mile three a bit slow.  I haven't got the start slow, finish strong thing down yet.

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  1. It's not the amount of competition that is important it is the quality, and I'd have to say the quality is pretty good at Chilhowee.


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