01 March 2012

Two months down

I can't believe its March already (AKA Birthday month)! Am I keeping up with my goals? 

  1. Refrain from using the snooze button- Two months and no snoozing.
  2. Run at least 6 races- Ran my first race of 2012 the Love the Run you're with 5K and managed to PR with 28:28 in sub freezing temperatures.
  3. Track what I eat and when I work out-  Still keeping this up with rounding and estimating on a few occasions (potlucks full of casseroles are hard to track). I also got a new toy to measure how much I move.
  4. Knit something new-  I haven't had any progress here, but Friday at work we decided we should have a crafting lunch once a week, this should help me focus.
  5. Travel somewhere new- I didn't travel anywhere to exciting, but I did go to the Newseum and to my cousin's basketball game (Go #14!).
  6. Be friendlier to strangers- The crossing guard on 12th street and I have gotten into a great routine of telling each other good morning everyday. Sometimes she's not there (probably when I'm running late), but I really enjoy that she now recognizes me and makes sure to say hi.


  1. Sounds like you are doing good, I'm ignoring mine.

  2. I need to take up your no hitting the snooze button. After waking up 15 minutes before I needed to leave for work I've taken to adding my phone into the mix of wake-up devices. So now it goes alarm, 10 minutes later the radio turns on and 10 minutes after that my phone goes off. The phone takes more cognitive ability to turn off, so hopefully it will continue to get me out of bed.


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