19 March 2012

True Grit Week 8

Become a Surpriser.

I kind of like week 8's challenge even though I didn't do any of the suggestions. Next week?

The challenge is to plan a surprise for someone. Nothing big, just something fun. The suggestions include:

Start an anonymous tic-tac-toe game via a note
Stick a post-it on a public bathroom mirror saying "you look awesome!"
Hid candy in someone's desk. Email them a clue.
Walk up to a friend, say "Tag you're it" and run away
Arrange objects in the shape of someone's initials and send them a photo, just because

Do you ever plan small (or HUGE) surprises? Did you try any of the suggestions? If you've been following along with True Grit did you learn anything about yourself?


  1. This happened to me last week. I drove through Sonic to get a happy hour drink and when I got to the window to pay, the teller said: "She (pointing to the car leaving) just paid for your drink." Nice surprise. I have done that a few times there too. Good feeling.


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