22 March 2012

Allergies, Blooms, & Hunger Games

I don't think I will tire of seeing all of the beautiful flowering trees, but it seems I may be allergic to some of them. Pros & Cons. Last week I decided to start reading Hunger Games and found the perfect little park to read it in. My nightly routine now includes stopping in the park and reading for a few hours before continuing on my way home.


  1. ooh that is such a lovely idea! i wish i had a little park to go do that in.

    question: i had no idea to read the hunger game book or see the movie. now after seeing the trailers, i just want to know what happens! should i see the movie without reading the book?


    1. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really believe that this is one where the movie will add a lot to the book. The book is really short so I don't think the movie will leave much out. So I say go to the movie!

  2. I wanted to read the books, but I didn't want to buy them and I feel kinda bad getting in line in the library in front of teenagers. Let me know what you think of them. Maybe I can find a student to lend me the books.


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