05 March 2012

Paint the town red.. and green and yellow and...

DC has amazing row houses. You'll never see them if you only hang out near the Monuments. Sunday my fuel needed a boost. So I decided to talk a walk. I'm still learning how all the neighborhoods are connected so walking is a great way to figure all of that out. Its also a great way to see all the amazing houses and the amazing colors they are painted. 

A few of my favorites from today:

Green & Purple

I think I would be sad if I lived in the white one


  1. Love the green on green one, could do without the purple though.

  2. they are amazing bright colors MOM

  3. Did not realize DC had row houses like that. I agree, the white house would feel sad.

    1. There are tons of beautiful row houses all over! I want one. :)

  4. I love walking through those parts of DC.

  5. You gotta have the white house for contrast. If every house is funky, then none of them are.

  6. The second row of houses looks like it came out of a Dr. Suess book. I agree the white house really sets off the others, and anyway as long as I lived in D.C. it would be fun to say, "oh I live in the white house."


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