23 February 2012

Fuel yo self

A few weeks ago I first saw Nike announce the fuel band.  And I immediately preordered one... well I waited till they went on preorder at 5pm that day and snatched one up. Yesterday it arrived.  

If you haven't heard of it yet, its a bracelet that tracks calories, steps, and "fuel" (it also functions as a watch). NikeFuel is basically the measurement of movement. You can set your daily goals and there is a light scale on the band to show you how far you have to go. There is a nifty App that shows you how you are doing (which also includes miles, but I haven't figured out how accurate that is yet) and you can see your results (and other peoples) online.

So far its pretty cool. I set my goal for an Active lifestyle and I hit my goal by 7pm. I was most active between 7-8 am and least active during a staff meeting from 1-3 pm (excluding sleep time).   

The weather was warm and beautiful in DC today so once I got home I spent a little time on the rooftop.


  1. Your apartment has rooftop space? Nice!

  2. The rooftop isn't too fancy, but has a few lounge chairs and a great view.


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