03 February 2012


My blogger friend over at OMG I'm Back In DC tagged me in the following challenge, so here you go!

Here are the rules: You give five random facts about yourself. You answer the questions provided to you. 

Five random facts-

  1. I don't mind running on the treadmill, I like the temperature control and the convenience of it being right downstairs and the fact that in the gym no one comments on my backside like they do when I run around outside.
  2. Recently I discovered that Jillian Michaels has free podcasts on iTunes and have listened to oh about 30 episodes in one week. (Check it out!)
  3. I have a hard time not accepting free things, but I am getting better!
  4. I have a pencil collection, it started when I was a child on family vacations and all my parents would ever buy me from the gift shops were pencils.
  5. I have a mild crush on Matt Lauer (I don't think an explanation is needed here)
Questions from Leanna:

1. What's your favorite guilty pleasure book? I guess the Emily Giffin books Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Love the one your with, and Baby Proof.
2. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Homemade vanilla
3. What are you looking forward to most in 2012? I'm not sure, one thing that just popped in my head is the summer Olympics. I'm a sucker for the Olympics and especially the summer games. As a child I put my swimsuit on to watch the swimming events.
4. If you were going to plan your perfect weekend, what would you do? The perfect weekend would include sleeping in, touch football, cooking, exploring a new area, hanging out with friends, CBS Sunday Morning, and reading and maybe some shopping.
5. What's your favorite cocktail? I like a simple vodka tonic or rum and coke
6. If you could visit one city in the world, which would you choose? Currently I'm focused on Amsterdam and Madrid.
7. If you could only wear dresses or pants for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Dresses 100% Monday through Friday I pretty much live in dresses. However I like to workout and sleep in pants....
8. Do you like to plan your week out in advance or fill it with spontaneous events? I'm a mix, I plan a few things, but mostly fill it in with spontaneous events.
9. How do you like your coffee? With skim milk. I weaned myself off sugar last year when I (mostly) gave up soda.
10. What's the best practical joke you've played on someone? I'm not very good a practical jokes, but a few years ago one of my coworkers was heading to Europe for work and he had never been out of the US. He was going to Germany (where I have been several times) so I told him that in Germany you stand up when you sneeze. Thinking this was ridiculous and that he would never believe me, but he did. We let the joke continue for a few days, but we did tell him the truth before he left.
11. What's the biggest challenge you want to overcome in 2012? Making DC feel like home. Even though I moved here knowing some people, it still takes time to figure out where I my hangouts will be and how to make DC mine.


  1. Matt Lauer! Really? I mean Al Roker I could understand but Matt, he is so prissy.

  2. Last Friday at school we got little plastic frosty's that you can put on your key chain and show at Wendy's to get a free frosty. They were for anyone who went to an assembly we had before school from 5-7 with channel 5, and the students had been excited to get them all week. All day at school the students who got the tags complained about how they were only free with purchase, they are only good in the KC area and the obvious one: there is no Wendy's in Odessa. The difference in their excitement to get the tags and then disappointment after receiving the tags made me think of your love for all things free.

    1. I totally know that feeling. One place where I have conquered the need is shopping bags... I don't care how fancy your bag is, if I have a reusable bag with me I don't take it.

  3. hahaha I love that practical joke...I can't believe he fell for it!


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