23 February 2012

How to celebrate Presidents' Day weekend: Day 3

Truth is I didn't do anything too Presidential on the actual Presidents' Day. The crowded museum on Sunday kept me from attempting one of the official activities. After a morning run and lazing around my apartment I walked over to Georgetown and bought an iPhone. I've wanted one forever and have been pleased thus far. The rest of my day was spent figuring the phone out and grocery shopping and making broccoli salad for the office Mardi Gras potluck on Tuesday.

However according to wiki George Washington frequented Georgetown and Thomas Jefferson lived there while serving as Vice President under John Adams. 


  1. Hum, I was expecting a bit more. Would George or Tom own iPhones if they were alive today?

  2. What does broccoli salad have to do with Mardi Gras? I was going to celebrate President's day by driving to Kohl's and using my coupon to buy a water carbonator, until I got there and remembered I'd left my wallet in my backpack at home. Luckily my coupon lasted till Wednesday and now I have some fabulous carbonated water in my fridge and no disposable bottles.

    1. The official theme was Mardi Gras or Comfort food. I was originally going to make a cajun sausage, but the logistics of taking a hot dish for lunch along with the preview of the menu which was all very heavy food made me decide to take a vegetable.


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