29 February 2012

Leap day!

This year we have an extra day! An extra day to #makeitcount as Nike would say. So don't waste it. 

I hadn't really thought about leap day much (why do we call the one day we don't leap the leap day?) till I read this article about ways to celebrate leap day.

My favorite suggestions to "take a leap":

3. Compliment a stranger. “What pretty eyes you have.” “You have such a warm smile.” “I love your outfit.” Everyone has had his or her day made by an offhand compliment from a stranger. Turn the tables and dole out some warm fuzzies yourself. If you are afraid of sounding creepy, just wait until you are in a retail situation and compliment your barista, server or auto mechanic.
Example 1: I once told a girl on the New York City Subway that I liked her shoes and then exited the train. Creepy maybe? Or maybe I made her day.
Example 2: As I ran up Meridian hill last week I met another female runner, she said "You go girl" as we passed each other. Made my day... made my week.
4. Say “yes” to a bizarre invitation. Unknown, uncontrollable social situations make some people break out in hives – but if you limit yourself only to the familiar, you are missing out on a world of fun. The next time you are invited somewhere and have the urge to automatically turn it down, say “yes” instead and watch your horizons broaden.
I don't have an issue with this, if I'm free I'm going to say "yes". But often I get weird excuses when I invite others to do things. Recently they included- "My husband doesn't like that band" Well good thing I didn't invite your husband.
8. Wish upon a star. When is the last time you looked up in wonder and said, “Star light, star bright?” Find your favorite sky diamond, close your eyes and make a wish.

Did you guys see this the other night? The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus lined up. Ok those aren't stars but I went to my rooftop and wondered at them for a good while.

9. Dance. Don’t think. Don’t judge. Don’t feel silly. Don’t stop. Just dance!

So DC has country radio! I spent some time on Sunday practicing my two-step around my apartment.

12. Wish “Happy Leap Day” to everyone you encounter on February 29. They will probably think you are weird and may give you a funny look. Relish it.

I WILL be doing this.

28. Tell a joke in a crowd. Figure out your favorite joke and practice telling it in the privacy of your own home. When the next party rolls around, take the plunge and tell the joke to a group of friends and strangers.

I'm bad at remembering jokes, but recently I made it a point to memorize and tell this one:

Why didn't the lifeguard save the hippie? He was too far out, man. (still makes me laugh)

What will you be doing to celebrate?


  1. HaPpY LeAp DaY!!!!!

  2. If I rename the enchiladas I making for dinner leap day enchiladas does that count as celebrating?

  3. I wanted to wear blue and yellow to celebrate in the 30 Rock way, but I forgot. I did say happy leap day to all my students.


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