27 February 2012

True Grit week 6

How did everyone do with their posture? Stand a little taller? Demand presence when walking in to the room? I didn't notice any difference, but have noticed myself speaking up more lately. Maybe its related?

This weeks challenge is de-clutter and release.
- Create a map of your living space and identify clutter areas, clear one item away from a heavy clutter area
- Clear your inbox to zero
- Think of something that frustrates you and brush its energy away from you
- tackle one nagging task that you have been postponing

These goals align closely to The Happiness Project Chapter 1: Vitality where she worked to toss, restore, organize and tackle a nagging task.

One thing I've been doing a lot lately on the subject of "Think of something that frustrates you and brush its energy away from you" is remind myself that its not me its you.  For example on my walk home tonight a car honked at me even though I was in the bike lane where they shouldn't of been driving, then they ran a red light. At first this made me mad, but then I reminded myself that the driver must be having a bad day and was running late to something very important. And then I realize how little the honk really impacts my life.

Do you have any habits or mantras that lets you de-clutter and release?


  1. You are zenning out Courtney. I do try and remind myself when I have a task I don't wanna do just to do it rather than spending a bunch of time thinking about how I don't wanna do it.

  2. Hmmm, I don't know if this makes me sound a little crazy, but when I can't find something I sing my little Donde esta song. I don't know if it helps me find it any faster, but singing a made up song in Spanish makes everything a little better.


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