19 February 2012

How to celebrate Presidents' Day weekend: Day 2

I started day 2 how I like to start all Sunday mornings with CBS Sunday Morning. Today's show was full of presidential stories so perfect for the weekend. 

After a slow start I made it to the Newseum a little after one. I was hoping bad weather might keep people at home however the bad weather never came and the museum was CROWDED. Lots of groups of children, which I found odd for a Sunday, but apparently not. Also there were a lot of videos playing with everyone circled around them. Most people apparently didn't have the energy to read the displays.

I'd heard the museum was amazing. Yes my opinion was clouded by the crowds of preteen girls, but I just thought it was decent. There was a special exhibit on the Presidential Campaign and the president, which was fun and some photos taken by the official photographer of the President.

Non-president related exhibits I enjoyed were the sports photographs, News History, and Tim Russert's office.

Berlin wall and watch tower

View of the Capitol from the Newseum (Canadian embassy on the left)

I took a quick self portrait completely blocking the Capitol

9/11 Newspaper headlines

On my walk home I noticed all the cranes at "the pit" (my name for the construction site on 9th street) all flying American Flags.

Happy Presidents' day!


  1. Nice. Can't wait to see what plans you have today. Is President's day like Christmas to you? I would have sent a present had I of known.

  2. fun week-end and no air travel MOM


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