08 February 2012

True Grit 4 & 5

My luke warm participation continues.

Week 4: Radical Productivity- basically do the most important thing "MIT" first not the thing that is wanting the most attention.

I've heard this advice several times before. Especially at my old job, where you could come in to work and spend the whole day trying to answer emails as they come in instead of tackling the big project due for the day. At my current job its not so much a problem. So I did go in each day and start to work on the MIT, but it wasn't challenging.

Week 5: Walk the Walk- working on your posture. The big to-do is to imagine a string pulling you up every time you go through a door way. Therefore making a grand entrance. I think posture is important, but generally think mine is pretty good (one of my previous coworkers would always tell me mine was best of the ladies in the office at least), but I like the idea of making purposeful entrances into rooms. So I will try my best to check my posture at all doors.

Do you find it challenging to perform your MIT each day? How's your posture? Did you have any success with week 1-3?


  1. I find that Gretchen, Gwen and I differ greatly on what the MIT is for the day so ya I find mine hard to accomplish some days. I think my posture is pretty good though.

  2. This year I started writing everything I need to do in the day and week in my planner. Crossing things off a list always makes me feel successful. I've never thought about MIT before, but I think that helps me see what I need to do today and what doesn't really need to get done until tomorrow.


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