18 March 2012

St. Patrick's weekend in NYC

As soon as I excited Penn Station I saw this billboard- 

File that under "things you don't see in DC"

After drinks and fun with friends I saw that the Empire State Building was already celebrating a day early...

My friend Carrie and I arrived at the parade at 11 not realizing till later that the parade lasts 6 hours!

There were lots of cute kids in cute Irish sweaters

And cute men in skirts playing bagpipes

I stayed with my friend in her Sunnyside apartment

And we finished St. Patrick's Day by going to the new musical Once

Sunday was spent catching up with friends at brunch, a walk up 5th Avenue, and people (and dog) watching in Central Park. Public art also brought us this-

Tornado made from inner tubes

A smooth train ride back and ready for another week.

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