26 March 2012

Cherry Blossom morning

Friday morning I ran down to the tidal basin to check out the cherry blossoms without a crowd. There was a small crowd there already at 7 am. Mostly people with big cameras waiting for the sunrise and joggers with small cameras. It was definitely a different scene from the week before when I easily ran around the tidal basin without running in to anyone. This time I just ran to the edge and took some photos before running back home.

Jefferson memorial 
The woods
65 degrees at 7 am in March = sweaty


Washington Monument x2


  1. Gorgeous pics! I'm going to have to walk down on my lunch break!

  2. Yes very pretty except that one with some sweaty girl in it.

  3. I'm sad I missed them this year. They look beautiful.

  4. These are gorgeous pictures. You need to print and frame some or these!


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