30 May 2011

Glen Hansard + the Temple of Dendur

I'm lucky to have a good friend in NYC who likes different (but really good) music.  One of her favorite artists is Glen Hansard.  You might of seen him in the movie Once or heard his song Falling Slowly if you haven't check him out.  Last night as part of the Guitar Heroes exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Glen performed in the temple of Dendur room at the Met.

The room itself is pretty cool, but add Glen, 100s of fans, and free beverages and you've got a pretty cool event.

My favorite part was when he was strumming so hard that he broke a string so he finished the song by drumming on the guitar.  While he fixed the guitar he had us all snap while he sang a song then taught us the words so we could sing along with him (it was something about everyone being Vampires).

He closed not using his guitar and singing an old Irish (or maybe Scottish, he said it wasn't known) song.

The crowd was sitting till the show started

Glen singing

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