02 June 2011

TexMex in the UES

I don't live in the Upper East Side anymore, but I have several friends that do so I still visit quite a lot and try to stay in the know.  Over the last few months I was hearing a lot about Cascabel Taqueria.  So yeah most of the people talking about the place were North-easterners or Europeans, but one of the ravers was my friend who had lived in Texas for several years, so I decided I had to check it out.

After Glen at the Met we were hungry and since we were in the neighborhood I suggested we try this place out.  I wasn't disappointed.

the watermelon margarita came highly recommended and it was refreshing (but expensive)
but the tacos were amazing (steak tacos)
I mean look at this...

The steak tacos were amazing.  We also had guacamole, which was very good (my friend said it was much better than Rosa Mexicano table side, but I don't know if it beat mine) and came with tostadas. 

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