13 June 2011

View from under the bridge

Randall's Island is one of those places in the city that makes you feel like you are far far away and if you took public transportation to get there you might feel like you'll never make it back.  On Sunday I biked up through Queens and across the Triborough bridge (pictured) (I refuse to call it the RFK) to play soccer on Randall's Island.  After a few months of spin it felt odd to be back on a regular bike and I think I need toe clips or clip-ins, felt weird to only push down when pedaling.

We lost the game, but it was close and I thought I did decent for not having any formal training in the sport (like in dance this makes a big difference).  I also kicked the ball into my face somehow, but nothing broke so all is ok.

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  1. What's the controversy on calling it the Triborough bridge vs. the RFK bridge?


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