11 June 2011

Rain - Run - Renegade Craft Fair - Randomness

It has been a week of crazy weather. It made it to the high 90s then there was severe thunder storms and now today it is chilly (60s) and after overcastness (credit me when Webster adds it to the Dictionary) and a few hours of misting it began to rain all out.. now its back to an overcast sky.

I went for a run this morning to prepare myself for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge next week.  I signed up for Facebook to automatically post my split times, so I want to make sure they aren't embarrassing.  I usually run a 10 minute mile and the Challenge is 3.5 miles so I set out to run for 35 minutes.  I've mapped a nice course through my neighborhood that runs me past several great landmarks (one of these days I'll post about some of them), but I tend to switch it up a bit.  Well I got back to my apartment and mapped my run... guess what?  Exactly 3.5 miles, exactly 10 minute miles.  I'm going to try to speed it up for the race, but it will be difficult with the millions of other runners.  

By the time I cleaned up and headed out the door the mist had begun.  Luckily I planned for it and had my rain jacket.  I had great timing and the bus to Brooklyn pulled up right as I got the bus stop.  I don't ride the bus as much now that I live in Queens, but I love riding it when I can. A few stops later I got out at McCarren Park in Greenpoint/Williamsburg for the Renegade Craft Fair.  If you are on the market for handmade jewelry, prints, t-shirts, kid's toys, and bags you should definitely head over.  Some of it got repetitive, I mean how many different things can you put a mustache on? or a bicycle? and I wish everything wasn't so brooklyn and manhattan centric... I would of bought a map print of queens.  I bought a necklace and a hamburger.  I almost purchased a purse and a print of the Midwest, but the purse was $110 and the print had the star for Jefferson City in the wrong place.

After the craft fair I continued walking down Bedford Ave into Williamsburg.  The street was blocked off for "Williamsburg Walks" unfortunately the rain was keeping people away and activities off the street.  I walked down and stopped in a few shops and got a non-fat latte at a nice little shop.

But then the mist started to turn to rain and walking in rain isn't as fun as mist. I headed to find the bus, which was detoured because of the street fair and ran into this guy:

The Renegade Craft Fair is going on again tomorrow from 11 to 7 (hopefully with less rain) and the Williamsburg Walks is going on again next Saturday.


  1. It all looks amazingly cute, even with the rain. Did you point out to the crafter that Jeff City was in the wrong place?

  2. Did you want to correct the seller on the Jeff City placement?

  3. You don't have to post this but I just saw beth's comment after writing mine.

  4. I thought I wrote a few other interesting tidbits! haha... No I didn't correct the lady, it was just a bit south. There were other things in each state and Missouri only had some wheat stalks.. if it had been corn I would of forgiven the JC.

  5. I want to know about the purse you didn't buy!

  6. The purse was mostly canvas large clutch but with like a rubber/leather/something bottom and a long strap... in pretty colors...


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