07 June 2011

A little bit of Austin

After the wedding I loaded up in the bride's friend's dad's pick up truck along with three other lovely ladies and rode back to Dallas where I met up with another grad school friend, Shannon, and her husband and very cute little girl. 

We road tripped down to Austin.  On our way we made a lunch stop in Waco at Buzzard Billy's where I had some fantastic red beans and rice.  As I am putting this post together I'm noticing my lack of pictures.  Lately I've gotten pretty lazy and this blog has been subjected to way too many cell phone pictures.  On this trip I did use my camera, but not nearly enough.  Anyways....

There is a lack of photographic evidence, but we stayed at the Driskill, a fabulous 4 star hotel on 6th street.  It is rumored to be haunted, but I must of slept right through it.  After strolling around a bit we had dinner on the rooftop of the Iron Cactus. The food was delicious, but you know what was better?  Misting machines... NYC street cafe's need to look into these.  Later on Shannon and I hit 6th street for some entertainment and randomly ran into another grad school friend who was just in town for the weekend as well.

The next day we headed up to Mount Bonnell to view the city.

And the Lake/River (I don't get it)

Then what is a vacation without some history?  We headed to the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum on the UT campus (or is that tu? my Aggie teachings are wearing off).  The building was very impressive as you can't see it till you pass through the (not so attractive) LBJ school.

I've been to several presidential library/museums and I always enjoy seeing the gifts people send them.  These boots are particularly nice.

This exhibit had LBJ telling some of his jokes (the clean ones).  While I was watching he told how his daughter lied to him about seeing a lion in the yard.  He told her she needed to pray about it and afterwards she said God thought it was a lion too. (or something like that)

Second best part of Presidential Museums are the Oval office reproductions.  LBJ's "technology" was pretty interesting.

But Lady Bird's office was oh so much cooler.  I would take that desk, chair, and couch for my place.

I took a picture of this dress, as the sign said Lady Bird enjoyed wearing it a lot.  Why is that interesting?
1.  What modern day first lady would wear the same dress to several state dinners?
2.  It is sleeveless... Mrs. Obama I'm sorry you aren't the first sleeveless first lady.

A little bit more of Austin to follow...

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  1. You are a true Weigand. It isn't a real vacation without a little education.


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