02 June 2011

The Golden Rule aka JT in my hood

Before we begin there are a few things you should know:

1. Peeps are always filming things in my neighborhood.
2. I'm always having to go sit in a cubicle and work while they be filming
3.  I kinda still love Justin Timberlake

Ok now we can start

Remember a few weekends ago when JT and Lady Gaga were on SNL?  Remember how you tivo'd it because you have better things to do on a Saturday night?  Remember how you later watched and thought... oh my JT you so funny?  Remember the Golden Rule?  I do.

I woke up from a nap to watch SNL (I had played three games of touch football in the hot sun on Randall's Island, I was exhausted)  but only made it through a few skits be for falling back asleep (yeah I know).  As my eyelids were growing heavy I see this:

Wait a second... is that the yopaintmywall wall?  can't be....
Then I zonked out.  A few days later I remember the scene and youtube'd the video.

Not sure why it took till the yopaintmywall wall to make me realize that the entire video was SHOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD and where was I?  AT WORK.  No big deal... I could of met JT.  I don't get excited about celebrities, but JT... dressed like that?  come on.

the boardwalk by the gantries

is that my old apartment building in the background?  yes.

the loading dock building? uh huh

more Gantry State Park

next to my laundromat 

yes I pass this wall on the way to the grocery store


  1. i love JT. and i'm not even ashamed to admit it. stupid work getting in the way of our dreams!!

  2. You really need to quit working.

  3. Maybe JT is spending so much time there, because he is waiting for you.


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