09 June 2011

A bit more

While in Texas one must eat BBQ everyday (its a rule, you must eat tex mex for your other two meals).  So we headed to Stubbs BBQ for lunch.  I had never been to this legendary BBQ and music landmark.  And eh I wasn't impressed with the sauce, but it did look like an amazing live music venue and I shall return!

beautiful and HOT Austin

Pulled pork and mashed sweet potatoes

A view from my seat

After lunch my friends had to leave so I headed to the Capitol to meet my next friend I would grace with my presence.  You guessed it, Gov. Perry.  haha no, but my amazing friend Matt.  Matt is another grad school friend (are you detecting a pattern here yet?) and works at the capitol passing bills and stuff.

After wandering around the capitol a bit and meeting the big wigs I went the Bob Bullock The Story of Texas museum.  They had a special exhibit on arte en la Charreria all about the life of the Mexican Cowboy.  Did you know that buckaroo came from the spanish word for cowboy vaquero?

I then headed out on the town to a lovely concert overlooking downtown Austin. 

It was a pretty cool venue and the heat broke (a bit) for a perfect evening for dancing under the stars.


  1. so this is the STUBBS BBQ that makes the famous sauce? FUN.

  2. BBQ once a day, tex-mex twice a day and live music every evening. I think I need to move to Austin.


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